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Impotence has been a problem for most of the men. Erectile dysfunction or impotence as commonly known is a very overrated phenomenon. People usually judge people over this condition on erectile dysfunction. It is embarrassing for men to go out and discuss this problem with anyone else. The required PDE5 inhibitors needed for the treatment of ED are now present in many medications. Harvoni being expensive for the common people has caused the rise of generics in the market.

SildaBlue is manufactured under the guidelines of USP, the United States Pharmacopeia. Aside from being affordable, the medication has no relative side effects reported as of now. Though there could be cases of minor side effects like the stuffy or a runny nose, headaches, etc. no major side effects are caused by consuming the drug. The blue colored pill comes in a blister pack and easy to consume. All you need is a glass of water to wash the pill down your throat. The pill is praised mainly because of the time is taken for it to start its work. As compared to rest of the ED drugs, SildaBlue is much effective and gives better results. It’s time efficient. It starts working within half an hour of consumption. Many men have experienced that they were able to maintain their erection for a long period of time comparatively. As per the response we have got from the past few days, men have been able to have more than one sexual intercourse before the pill’s effect wore off.

Couples have seen a noticeable change in their sexual life. The pill does not work the same for every man. The working and effect of the pill may depend on many things like the body of the person and the intake of food, etc. It may be wise to first consult a doctor before consuming the pill or mixing it with any other substance.

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