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SildaBlue is rising in the market for it’s well known quick reaction and long lasting effect. However, we have been telling that the effect and duration of it differ depending on the individual. But the exact factors on which the effect and its duration depend will be explained now. Commonly the pill starts to take effect within 30 minutes of consumption. The effect lasts up to about 6 hours. Now that we know how long it takes, let’s see what all factors matter for the pill to take effect:

Men of age group 65 years and above, experience that the pill or drug stays in their body for a longer time. This happens because at this age the metabolic rate slows down. The older a person is longer the effect of the pill.

When a person drinks alcohol, alcohol works in such a way that the blood flow towards the penis is restricted. This causes the person to fail to attain an erection. More than 2 units of any alcohol will be harmful to you. Usually, a single beer or one glass of wine is fine.

A person’s body suffering from kidney or liver problems will take a longer time to break. This is why it is necessary to tell your doctor or physician all about your health problems.

When you are already taking other medications or prescribed drugs, it might have an unwanted reaction with SildaBlue. Remember to mention all of the medications you are taking to your physician so that you will be prescribed the proper dose to you.

The amount of meal you have also has an effect on the effect of the pill on your body. A heavy meal might prevent the pill from giving out its full effect on your body.

SildaBlue has different dosages ranging from 25mg to 100mg. The higher the dose higher the effect of the dose and the effect will also last longer.

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